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The hot and humid summer season in the Greater Houston area will put heavy demands on your air conditioning system.  It's important to inspect and tune-up your AC System each year.  This enables your AC System to operate at its optimal performance level.  A well running AC System will use less electricity, lower your carbon footprint, and by running less,  extend the life of your system.  Not to mention reduce the chance of a breakdown on a 95° Friday afternoon!


WHAT IS CoolSaver and Why is it FREE?

One initiative of the United States is to lower the electric power use in all areas ot the country, including Texas of course, through a program used in several states called the CoolSaverSM Program.  The program provides a thorough tune-up of your AC System that has shown in NRG Energy & CenterPoint Energy studies to save 18% of electric usage on average.  And there is no charge to you for this service - FREE - no strings attached!  NOTE: A small portion of each electric bill paid goes to fund this & other energy efficiency projects – so in essence, you’ve paid for it already - thus the reason it’s free!

LONG STORY SHORT - (Too Late!) The Department of Energy (DoE) mandated all states to reduce electric consumption; Texas delegated our electrical distributors.  CenterPoint chose the already established & proven CoolSaverSM Program to lower electrical consumption.


Mr. Air Services, LLC & CoolSaverSM

Mr. Air Services, LLC is an authorized CoolSaverSM Tune-Up provider.  We operate through a CenterPoint electric efficiency program.  Mr. Air Services has performed the highest number of CoolSaverSM Tune-Ups for each of the last 8 years – in the nation!  We also have the highest energy savings of any company in the program, that translates to our technicians are of some of the most experienced in the program.  To keep this high level of expertise, they're methodically trained & educated as the industry continues to evolve to higher tech.


    Free CoolSaverSM AC Tune-Up 

     Service includes:

  • Cleaning the filters or replace with customer supplied filters

  • Cleaning normal accumulation of dust and debris from the Condenser Coil

  • Cleaning normal accumulation of dust and debris from the Evaporator Coil

  • Cleaning normal accumulation of dust from the Blower Wheel

  • Testing for proper refrigerant charge

  • If refrigerant is needed, fill to proper charge with customer's approval

  • Testing for proper airflow & adjust as necessary

  • Testing for proper electrical voltage & current

  • Inspection of refrigerant line insulation

  •       NOTE: CoolSaverSM will send a report to the person that requested in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

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